How to measure

How to measure

We all want a good competitive game but played in a friendly spirit. Which of course they generally are, but one of the areas that causes the most contention is measuring so, in hoping to remove this potential dampener on the evening, here are the basic rules of measuring. Please share them, or why not print out a copy to stick up in your club house?

PDF version for easy printing – Measuring Bowls to Determine the Winner

Measuring Bowls to Determine the Winner
This is the correct way to measure. You may find other players who do not use this method, but you should always try to use the following method. These instructions assume you are the home player and it is your role to give clear instructions to the away player.

Step 1 (Fig 1a)
In the following, Bowl ‘A’ is the first bowl to be measured, Bowl ‘B’ the second. It is usual to measure the bowl you think is the closest first (however if measuring one bowl against two others do the one first). The home player gives the away player the ‘loose end’. This is placed against the centre of Bowl A.

Image1Step 2 (Fig 1b)
The home player then draws the main part of the measure back to the centre of the jack. The point should against the centre of the jack (i.e. the nearest point) and should not be grounded. You may find that putting your fingers underneath gives steady ground. Ask the away player if he is ‘touching’ and if activate the locking device. Say ‘locked’.

Image2Step 3
Ask the away player to put his end against Bowl B at the nearest point. Draw back towards the jack.
A. If the main unit does not reach the nearest point of the jack then Bowl ‘A’ is the winner (Fig 1c).
B. If the main unit reaches the jack and the string is slack, then Bowl ‘B’ is the winner (Fig 1d).

Image3Step 4
Without altering the measuring device in any way, the measure should be tried again between Bowl ‘A’ and the jack to verify that the locking device has not slipped. If the margin is large and the players agree, this check can be skipped.

Image4Step 5
Clearly state which bowl is closest verbally and by pointing. Never move the bowls. Check that the two Bowlers are happy with measure. If a re-measure is requested, start from step 1, reversing the order of measure, i.e. Bowl B first. If no winner can be determined after this suggest a ‘dead end’ to the players.

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